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Hello. My name is Maurice Bartz.

acting student

young actors

Film Crew


welcome to my online portfolio, a place that reflects my unique creative vision and diverse skills! here you can discover a comprehensive selection of my work from various fields and gain insights into previous projects that have shaped my career. I invite you to immerse yourself in my world and explore my special way of bringing ideas to life and tackling creative challenges.


I look forward to getting in touch and exchanging ideas with you! if you have any questions about my work, are interested in working together or just want to exchange ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me. whether via Instagram, email or here using the contact form. your feedback and suggestions are very important to me and help me to continuously develop and explore new horizons.


please take time to explore my website and get a glimpse into my artistic journey. I'm excited to hear from you and explore new possibilities together!

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About Me

About Me

milestones in my career


Berliner Präventionspreis 2021


1st place in the audience award for the image film for the Neudeli start-up workshop 


2nd place in the Berlin Prevention Prize for the Grips Theater play: Enough!

Maurice Bartz as “men eating cake”

booking options


kids & young actors

Nicole Carla Gellert


ZAV Talent Agency Berlin

Friedrichstrasse 39, 10969 Berlin

Vera Wendland / Jennifer Herren

Acting, Fashion, Media, Advertising

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